Letters & Op-Eds 2018
The New York Times

Religious Freedom

To the Editor:

Re “White House Puts a Bible in Doctors’ Offices” (editorial, Jan. 29):

As a Catholic committed to religious freedom for all, I share your concern that religious ultraconservatives, including the Catholic hierarchy, are using religion as a license to discriminate.

As your editorial highlights, when religious freedom is misused to give power to one group of religious special interests, everyday Americans get hurt: a woman refused birth control by her employer; a same-sex couple denied the right to adopt; and countless others.

That is why 85 percent of American Catholics believe that individuals should not use religious beliefs to deny services to others who hold views they may disagree with. Religious freedom in America is about tolerance and unity in diversity, not about imposing one narrow set of religious beliefs on everyone else.

This letter was originally published in The New York Times.


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