Letters & Op-Eds 2017

Singling out is unjust, immoral

Rep. David Eastman’s claim that Alaska’s state funding for abortion incentivizes women to get pregnant and seek abortion services is offensive, stigmatizing and ignorant of the injustice that low-income women experience. A woman facing financial hardship deserves the same respect for decisions about her pregnancy as a woman with means. Existing barriers to abortion care access force many women to travel out of state. For those women, compounded medical and travel costs should not be prohibitive so as to interfere with her decision and the care that she needs. More importantly, she certainly should not be judged for seeking that care.

As Catholics, we are called to follow our conscience and serve those with the least in our communities. A majority of Catholic voters believe that insurance should cover abortion care when a woman decides it is the best decision for her. Singling out poor women who are unable to afford this financial burden on their own is unjust, immoral and antithetical to our Catholic traditions. State funding for abortion care is social justice and makes it accessible to all women, no matter their income or zip code.

— Jon O’Brien,
president, Catholics for Choice
Washington, D.C.

This letter was originally published in the Alaska Dispatch News.

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