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The abortion debate

Sir, – Paddy Agnew’s reference to tilting at windmills is apt, as it appears that the Vatican still operates as if it were 1604, when Cervantes coined that phrase (Opinion, January 11th).

But times have changed, whether the Vatican likes it or not. The Vatican has been losing battle after battle in Ireland. Despite its vehement opposition, reforms on family planning, condoms, divorce and gay rights have all come to pass. Abortion is the last bastion, and it seems increasingly likely that it will lose in that arena as well.

As we have seen elsewhere in strongly Catholic countries, including Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay, politicians are no longer bending the knee to the bishops. Instead, they are legislating in the best interests of the people they represent.

That’s as it should be, and I sincerely hope that progress will continue in the future. – Yours, etc,



Catholics for Choice

U Street NW,

Washington, DC,


This letter was originally published by the Irish Times.

Catholics for Choice