Letters & Op-Eds 2015

What Catholics really believe

Donald Wuerl and John Garvey’s April 19 Local Opinions commentary, “Disagreement is not discrimination,” missed the point on what real religious liberty is — and it did not reflect the values of the vast majority ofCatholic voters. Seventy million Catholics make up the Catholic Church in the United States, and there are just 300 bishops. While the bishops often claim to speak for all of us, the truth is that Catholic voters reject discrimination. Catholics believe that no one should be fired or penalized for her reproductive health decisions.

The Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act would provide security for those employed in the District — and ensure that employees can make health-care decisions without fear of losing their jobs or facing retribution from their employers.

How well you do your job should determine your level of success at work, not the private decisions you make about your life and whether your boss agrees with them.

Jon O’Brien, Washington

The writer is president of Catholics for Choice.

This letter was originally published by the Washington Post.

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