Letters & Op-Eds 2000

Women’s Safety is Reason to Celebrate

Despite the protestations of Kathleen Gallagher of the New York State Catholic Conference, news that the Food and Drug Administration has approved RU-486, the medication that induces early abortion, is a welcome development for American women. The approval of RU-486 will also be welcomed by Catholic women, who have abortions at the same rate as other women in the United States.

Catholic women overwhelmingly reject the Vatican’s position that the fetus is a person from the moment of conception. They, like many women, believe that later abortions are morally more complex than early abortions. To have one more option for very early abortion is morally and emotionally a significant advance. It is also an important medical advance, as earlier abortions are safer abortions.

Studies show time and time again that Catholic women are consistently pro-choice and recognize that the decision to have an abortion is a highly personal matter that should not be mandated by state or church leaders. Perhaps it is new options that further cement this personal choice that the church really fears.

Frances Kissling
Catholics for a Free Choice

This letter appeared in the 19 October 2000 edition of Newsday.

Catholics for Choice