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Is Your Health Care Compromised?

Conscience2016-1-1_001 More than one in six hospital beds is Catholic-owned or –affiliated, and millions of people rely on Catholic healthcare each day in the U.S. Whether they are seeking routine or life-saving medical care, are their options more limited than would be offered at a secular facility? The newly released report, Is Your Health Care Compromised? from Catholics for Choice, answers that question.

Gift a Gift Today: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

Catholics for Choice is no stranger to the fight against organized, powerful opposition forces including the Catholic hierarchy. We have raised the prochoice Catholic voice in battles against the bishops and other antichoice groups for decades and we are well-equipped to fight for the things that matter to you most—real religious liberty; reproductive healthcare; abortion access; and upholding the Catholic tradition of social justice. We face new challenges to the issues you care about with the election of Donald Trump.

That is why we need your support today! Please consider making a gift to Catholics for Choice.

During his presidential campaign, Trump created a Catholic advisory group filled with some of the most vehement antichoice Catholic leaders in the United States. These individuals continue to have president-elect Trump’s ear, falsely claiming they speak for Catholic interests when it comes to religious freedom and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The advisory group included the likes of Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life, who two days before the presidential election placed an aborted fetus on an altar to urge parishioners to vote for Donald Trump; John Klink, who during his time as advisor to the Holy See Mission to the United Nations used his position of influence to ensure “the wave of so-called ‘reproductive and sexual rights’ would [not] be enshrined as new ‘fundamental’ human rights; Austin Ruse, who has stated in regards to anti-abortion issues, “Trump will let our side do exactly what we want to do;” and Tom Monaghan, a multi-millionaire who owns a town called Ave Maria, a dystopian society that makes birth control pills, condoms and abortion referrals completely inaccessible.

The frightening reality is that many of the issues Trump’s Catholic advisory group has lobbied for seem to be coming to fruition under the proposals put forth by the Trump administration, including:

  • Appoint an antichoice judge to the Supreme Court and push Roe v. Wade back to the states
  • Defund Planned Parenthood
  • Sign a Conscience Protection Act into law, giving conservative religious organizations a blank check to discriminate
  • Institute a national ban on abortion after 20 weeks
  • Cut international family planning programs
  • Gut the Affordable Care Act and get rid of no-cost contraceptive coverage

Catholics for Choice is ready and able to fight these threats to reproductive health and religious freedom but we need you to join usPlease stand with Catholics for Choice and make your gift today! I am honored that you have stood with Catholics for Choice over the years and, in this time of uncertainty, I am proud that you will consider standing with CFC once again.

We couldn’t do this work without your support—and it is only with your continued support that we can secure access to reproductive healthcare services, protect reproductive rights and advance real religious liberty. Help us continue the fight for you! Please make your generous donation today.

Conscience Magazine

Talking About Abortion


Persuading others to a particular point of view is no small feat, which is why the main feature in this issue of Conscience magazine examines the use of framing and rhetoric when talking about abortion. In the article, “The Trouble with George Lakoff,” writer Joanna Williams discusses what one of the preeminent experts on framing and metaphors says about abortion. By overstating the significance of a fetishistic search for the right word, are we downplaying the capacity for people to act consciously upon the world?

The rest of the magazine is packed with interesting and thought-provoking articles. Jon O’Brien raises the timely issue of free speech in an article about debate on campus. Andrew Buncombe traveled to El Salvador to interview Maria Theresa Rivera who was originally sentenced to 40 years in prison for having a miscarriage. And Patricia Miller sheds light on the decline of abortion rights and access in the United States.

If you are ready to examine the power of rhetoric and free speech, reading the many articles in this new issue of Conscience is a good place to start.

Press Releases

Statement by Catholics for Choice on World AIDS Day

30 November 2016 – On World AIDS Day, we remember those who have died and the communities around the world that have been devastated by this tragic disease. We also express solidarity with the millions who live with HIV and our support for the services and care they need. Children are orphaned, economies are weakened and poverty increases as people die from AIDS. Read more.

ABC Radio – Sunday Nights with John Clearly

12 November 2016 – Catholics for Choice President Jon O’Brien recently toured New Zealand and Australia explaining the position of prochoice Catholicism as the keynote speaker at the Sexual and Reproductive Health conference in New Zealand, and the Family Planning conference in Australia.

Listen to his discussions with ABC Radio’s John Cleary, and Radio New Zealand’s Kim Hill.

The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics

Want to understand how to be Catholic and prochoice? Watch this video to hear Catholic theologians tell you how.


Stronger when Separate: How to Make Religious Liberty Great Again

On September 16, the Coalition for Liberty & Justice held their second forum on religious liberty.

The conference featured an intersectional group of speakers on women’s rights, LGBT rights, journalism, medicine, and religion. Panel topics include the media’s responsibilities when reporting on religious liberty, how religious doctrine affects the provision of medical services and how recent accommodations allow religious institutions to discriminate.

Watch the recording.

Press Releases

New Campaign: Catholics Support Public Funding for Abortion in Good Faith


Today, Catholics for Choice launched Abortion in Good Faith, a multi-year campaign dedicated to amplifying the voices of Catholics across the country who want abortion to be accessible and affordable for everyone—no matter how much money they have, where they live or what they believe. The first phase of the campaign includes ads in 20 publications across the country featuring Catholics who support public funding of abortion because of their faith.

Read more about the campaign, and take the pledge at