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The Future of AIDS

December 1 marks World AIDS Day, and the latest edition of Conscience reflects back and looks forward on the future of AIDS. This issue of Conscience magazine goes directly to the front lines to ask what an AIDS-free world might look like – and how we can confront the needs of the many still living with the disease.

Letters & Op-Eds

Cuomo followed his conscience on the Reproductive Health Act

The article “Bishop sees shift in youths,” Jan. 18, provides an important opportunity to remind readers that the bishops of New York do not speak for all the more than 7 million Catholics across the Empire State. Like Gov. Andrew Cuomo, those faithful, everyday Catholics understand the sacred duty of each individual to listen to their conscience and our duty to protect others’ right to do the same. The governor’s support of the Reproductive Health Act is an act for the common good, and he does so in good conscience.

Catholics for Choice lifts up the voices of the millions of faithful Catholics around the globe. We know Catholics do not want their representatives blindly following the church hierarchy’s opinion on public policy in place of their own. As a statesman who is also Catholic, Cuomo faithfully follows his conscience in upholding the rights of New York’s women to follow their consciences regarding pregnancy and abortion. He is, after all, the governor of all of New York, not a marionette of the bishops.

This article was originally published at the Albany Times-Union.

Letters & Op-Eds

Re: The War of Words on Abortion

Re “The War of Words on Abortion” (Op-Ed, Jan. 10):

Charles C. Camosy is wrong in throwing up a smokescreen to pretend that the abortion debate is a struggle over language.

Pro-choice victories in Ireland, Chile and likely soon in Argentina clearly demonstrate that increasingly, on a global scale, people in Catholic-majority countries are taking a stand for the values, morals and ethics of defending a woman’s right to choose.

Those who favor women’s rights are not running away from fundamental principles like conscience; they are embracing the reality that women’s rights are human rights. They understand the challenges to women’s health and well-being when we deny their right to make free choices over their bodies.

This letter was originally published in the New York Times. 

Press Releases

President Trump Scores Cheap Political Points at Women’s Expense

Washington, DC – In response to President Trump’s anticipated State of the Union address this evening, Catholics for Choice President Jon O’Brien released the following statement:

“President Trump’s attack on women’s basic rights as political payback to religious archconservatives is despicable. This is not a president who found religion—this is a president who has no qualms about putting women’s health at risk to score cheap political points with an ultraconservative base that he is desperate to hold on to. He and his allies seem hellbent on setting the clock back on women’s autonomy and freedom of conscience. They’re not only making abortion access tougher, but putting birth control out of reach for many working women. His efforts to chip away at a woman’s right to choose—and to attack those who advance progressive laws that help rather than hinder women—is pure politics. And when politics trumps people we all lose.”

Catholics for Choice Speaks Out Against Proposed Anti-Abortion Insurance Rules

“As written, the Proposed Rule undermines a woman’s fundamental ability to make the conscience-based decisions that are best for her. It scorns the important Catholic principle of social justice by putting at risk further vulnerable communities – like low-income women, rural communities, and communities of color – which Catholic teaching asks us to prioritize and support. It diminishes the fundamental freedom of religion by enshrining into public law one set of religious beliefs.”

Read the rest of our letter opposing this insurance change here.

In the News

‘Heartbeat’ bill passes Ohio House

About 90 individuals and organizations testified against the bill, including The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Ohio State Medical Association, Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, Medical Professionals of Ohio, Catholics for Choice and several doctors.

The president of Catholics for Choice said abortion is a personal choice and not something in which legislatures need to insert themselves.

“As Catholics, in full accordance with the teachings of our faith, we shape and advance sexual and reproductive ethics that are based on justice, reflect a commitment to women’s well-being and respect and affirm the capacity of women to make moral decisions about their lives.”

This piece was originally published by the Tribune Chronicle. 

In the News

Fifty years on, and Catholics are still in turmoil over contraception

Launching a report, Humanae Vitae and the Damage Done, Jon O’Brien of the US-based Catholics for Choice said: “Many Catholics choose to ignore the Vatican’s ban on birth control, but the world’s poorest people do not have that luxury. For half a century, the Catholic hierarchy has blocked funding and access to contraception for family planning and HIV/Aids prevention, with deadly impacts for the most vulnerable globally.”

This article was originally published in The Guardian.

Press Releases

Global poll and report shows poorest communties are hurt by Vatican ban on birth control

Washington, DC – Today Catholics for Choice launched a new report and global poll—in advance of the 50th anniversary of the Vatican’s ban on contraception on July 25—detailing half a century of hurt this policy has caused for millions of the world’s most vulnerable people.

While Humanae Vitae, the Vatican’s ban on contraception, has shaped policy on birth control and HIV/AIDS prevention globally, many people are not aware of this policy, know its influence or the damage it has caused.

Read our full statement here.

In the News

Abortion could be illegal in large parts of US within 18 months after Supreme Court justice resignation, say activists

Cynthia Romero, communications director of Catholics For Choice, a Washington DC-based pro-choice group, told The Independent some states were making it “almost impossible to get an abortion”. She said six or seven states had just a single clinic that provided abortions, making it incredibly difficult for women without means. “There are plenty of places where women are having a really difficult time.”

This article was originally published by The Independent.

2018 National Survey of Catholics in the United States

Belden Russonello Strategists commissioned a national survey of Catholics in the United States for Catholics for Choice in 2018. The polling data relates to the Vatican’s ban on birth control, Humanae Vitae, and it’s public perception.

View the polling data here.

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