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You can make an impact in the fight for reproductive freedom.
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Social Justice

Access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare is a value rooted in Catholic social justice teaching.
“At the very root of our social justice teaching is our belief that we support those who are underprivileged in any way. No woman should be discriminated against because of where she lives or how much she earns.”
Linda Pinto

Catholic social justice doctrine teaches that caring for the poor and marginalized should be our first priority. Ideological battles about abortion and contraception access always inflict disproportionate harm on the economically disadvantaged, the powerless, and people of color.

At Catholics for Choice, we believe that denying anyone reproductive healthcare of any kind is to deny them of their basic human rights. We work to improve access for everyone, particularly those who are marginalized.

Questions about Social Justice

We've compiled these talking points to help inform Catholic conversations about social justice.

What are the core principles of Catholic social justice?
What is reproductive justice?
What does Catholic social teaching have to do with reproductive care?
What is the preferential option for the poor?
Does Catholics for Choice believe that Black Lives Matter?