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Check out President Jamie L. Manson's essay in the New York Times
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Make your voice heard.

Prochoice Catholics must speak out—in the media, in Congress, in state legislatures and in communities everywhere—to battle false narratives and protect our values. Get involved today!


Speak out

It is crucial that prochoice Catholic voices be heard in conversations around reproductive rights.

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“Because of you, I know what to say. I know what to do. I have the motivation to move forward.”

— Artemis Walsh, Vermont

Get involved

Become an activist for Catholics for Choice. Keep informed of events happening in the Catholic community related to reproductive health and rights.

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“I no longer feel alone. I have missed my faith, and now feel empowered to be vocal about my faith and my commitment to social justice.”

— Ramona Ferreyra, New York

Write a letter to the editor

Send letters to editors of your local and national newspapers and make sure they understand that Catholics are prochoice.

Letter-writing Tips