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You can make an impact in the fight for reproductive freedom.

Share Your Story

When you share your story with us, you can specify how much you want to share, how willing you are for Catholics for Choice to share your story, and how you identify (anonymous, first name/last initial, or full name). We can take your words to elected officials on Capitol Hill, share on our social media, or even follow up about sharing your story in your local paper. It doesn’t have to be complex or complicated: Why do you support abortion access?

Here’s an example:

Years ago, a friend who knew I am catholic and also have many progressive views asked how I reconcile my religious beliefs and my “liberalism.” I replied, “God gave me a brain so I could think for myself.” I am fortunate and grateful I have the ability to think for myself, the perspective/insight to recognize we don’t all have the same life experiences, and the opportunity to be a voice for others who can’t always advocate for themselves. I am a prochoice catholic because I believe strongly in social justice and equality and it’s important to me that all women have choices, regardless of their socioeconomic status or skin color.  — Denise Gillardone from Hingham, MA