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You can make an impact in the fight for reproductive freedom.
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Reproductive Equity

It's not enough to be pro-choice. All people deserve equal access to reproductive health care.
“Choice is not worth much to women who have no choices.”
Loretta J. Ross

Even in places where abortion, contraception and reproductive care are available, those services remain out of reach for those who are disadvantaged by systemic racism, economic insecurity and immigration status. Other barriers persist, too: lack of education or transportation, unjust work environments, intimate partner violence and the undue influence of patriarchal systems. While in theory the right to choose should be protected, the ability to choose it too often a privilege enjoyed by white and wealthy people.

As Catholics for Choice, we believe that every person should have equal access to the full scope of health care services, unencumbered any barriers. With our partners in this struggle, we seek to build equitable systems in which all women–particularly Black women, women of color, indigenous women, transgender women and non-binary people–have access to reproductive health education and care. Having access to a full range of reproductive health services allows women access leadership and to greater political and economic power.

Questions about Reproductive Equity

We've compiled these talking points to help inform Catholic conversations about reproductive equity.

What is the difference between reproductive rights and reproductive justice?
What is the relationship between reproductive justice and Catholic social justice teaching?