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Catholic Healthcare

Catholic healthcare often denies patients and health professionals of all faiths the opportunity to make choices based on the discernment of their own consciences.
“There are doctors who do this work intentionally from a faith perspective, who do it from their own religious values. And these Catholic hospitals are trouncing on the doctors' and their patients' consciences.”
Glenn Northern

Millions of people in the U.S. rely on Catholic healthcare every day — more than 1 in 6 hospital beds is Catholic-owned or affiliated. Yet patients are frequently denied access to the care they require because the hierarchy won’t allow its hospitals to provide a host of services, including reproductive healthcare. What’s more troubling? People are often unaware they’re seeking care at a Catholic hospital.

Catholics for Choice believes that hospitals should provide the full range of care their patients require, including reproductive healthcare services. Our work helps inform people of how the Catholic healthcare system restricts certain treatments and services. We connect people to materials, resources, and strategies to help advocate for healthcare that addresses patients’ needs and allows individuals to follow their consciences. We envision a world in which patients and healthcare providers are allowed to exercise their consciences free from the hierarchy’s directives.

Is Your Healthcare Compromised?

This report explains the impact of the Catholic hierarchy's religious guidelines on patients and providers.

Catholic Healthcare Report

Questions about Catholic Healthcare

We've compiled these talking points to help inform Catholic conversations about the Catholic healthcare system.

How big is Catholic healthcare?
Are Catholic hospitals supported with taxpayer dollars?
Do you have to be Catholic to receive care at a Catholic hospital?
Are healthcare providers at Catholic hospitals required to be Catholic?
What healthcare services are restricted at Catholic hospitals?
Should Catholic hospitals be allowed to restrict certain healthcare services?
Should medical providers be required to provide healthcare services that go against their conscience?