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You can make an impact in the fight for reproductive freedom.
Senior doctor talks with female patient

Faithful Providers

A place for reproductive health care providers to share stories and reflections from the frontlines of abortion care.
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Faithful Providers

A world free from the stigma of abortion

At Catholics for Choice we believe that one crucial way to destigmatize abortion care is to spotlight providers whose religious convictions compel them to provide reproductive health services. These doctors, medical students and other health care professionals feel compelled to provide abortion care not only because it is ethically necessary to fulfill their professional oath, but also because of a commitment to social justice that is grounded in their faith.

Their pledge to follow their own consciences and respect a pregnant person’s right to do the same transcends ideological battles and breaks taboos around abortion care. Their work and witness testify to the fact that providing reproductive health care is an act of devotion to patients that respects life and dignity.

A community of mutual support and strength

Faithful Providers lifts up and amplifies, through storytelling and educational materials, the experiences of abortion care staff at all levels of provision, from medical professionals to receptionists to security guards. This campaign also creates a diverse community where providers can share faith experiences and support one another in the knowledge that abortion care is both a moral calling and an ethical duty.

"We really are trying to save lives. We're saying 'No, you have to be able to give free birth control pills because they're life-saving.' We're not saying that because we are anti-religion. We are people of faith. We're truly prolife. We're pro-women's life. We're pro-children's life. You can't take that moniker away from us."
Albert G. Thomas, MD
"I realized that there were so many women with late pregnancies in dire situations and that these patients were being turned away because doctors were uncomfortable with providing third-trimester abortions. I believed it was consistent with my Christian faith to provide them."
Laura Gil, MD