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Catholics for Choice Statement on Religious Freedom Day

January 16, 2018

Washington DC—Today on Religious Freedom Day, the Trump administration issued a proclamation once again pandering to the ultraconservative religious right and heralding religious exemptions that allow institutions to discriminate against individuals and deny people care. Jon O’Brien, President of Catholics for Choice, issued the following statement:

“Again today, President Trump reaffirmed a view of religious freedom that plays right into the Catholic bishops’ desire to allow powerful religious institutions to impose their view of religion on others. The majority of Americans know that the Trump administration is continually out of touch, and that religious freedom comes when individuals are allowed to live out their personal consciences in the matters of family planning, marriage and worship. Religious freedom is allowing everyone to love who they love, choose if and when to have children and practice any faith or no faith at all. Anything less is discrimination masked as liberty and is not what the majority of Catholics stand for.”