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Catholics in Texas are Prochoice

July 9, 2013

Catholics in Texas expressed their opposition to SB 1 and HB 2, bills that will limit abortion access across the state, leaving only five abortion clinics and banning most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. An advertisement in the Austin American-Statesman this morning featured statements from some of the many Catholics who have spoken out against the bills in the past few days.

  • “I am a Texan, I am a Catholic, I am a mother to two beautiful daughters and I am prochoice.” –JB, Arlington
  • “I am a prochoice Texas Catholic because my faith compels me to be so. No one, woman or man, should have medical and moral decisions made for and forced upon them.” –CS, San Antonio

Unfortunately, Catholics have been ill-served by their pastors in the current debate. This morning, the Texas Catholic Conference hosted a protest on the steps of the state capitol in support of SB 1 and HB 2. The bishops’ support for additional restrictions on abortion does not represent the mainstream views of Texas Catholics.

Sara Hutchinson, director of the domestic program at Catholics for Choice, said from Austin today: “Catholics in Texas agree with Senator Sylvia Garcia, who spoke out at the capitol as a prochoice Catholic. Local Catholics for Choice activists have testified during committee hearings to make sure that legislators know that the bishops do not represent us. Senator Garcia and these advocates join the many, including Senator Wendy Davis, who have pushed back against attempts to ignore the reproductive healthcare needs of Texans.”

Recent polls show:

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