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Catholics to Congress: Respect the Conscience Rights of DC Residents

April 20, 2015

Today, Catholics for Choice spoke out for the conscience rights of DC residents at an event with Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, representative for the District of Columbia. The Catholic bishops are trying to bully the District’s elected representatives by urging Congress to block DC’s Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act. This blatantly disregards the will of the DC Council and DC residents and flies in the face of our Catholic tradition of social justice.

In prepared remarks, Glenn Northern, domestic program senior associate for Catholics for Choice, said, “We’re here today to stand in solidarity with the majority of Catholics in the District who believe no woman should be fired or punished for her private reproductive healthcare decisions. How well you do your job should determine your level of success at work, not the private decisions you make about your life and whether your boss agrees with them. This bill is straightforward: the Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act ensures that those who work in the District are treated fairly and are protected from discrimination. Period.

We urge members of Congress to stop trying to block the Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act and instead respect the consciences of every single individual in the District of Columbia, no matter their faith.”