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You can make an impact in the fight for reproductive freedom.

CFFC President Frances Kissling Issues Statement About the “Reducing Need for Abortions and Supporting Parents Act”

September 14, 2006

Washington, DC—“As Catholics committed to ensuring that women have the right to full reproductive choices, which includes access to a full range of family planning options, access to abortion services and access to complete care during pregnancy and childbirth, we welcome the introduction of the “Reducing the Need for Abortions and Supporting Parents Act.”

“The Act is a sign that leading policy makers who hold different and faithful views on aspects of sexuality and reproduction can work together to provide real solutions to reducing unintended pregnancies and improving the health and lives of women.

“The ‘Reducing the Need for Abortions and Supporting Parents Act’ is a true common ground bill. No woman wants to need an abortion and women and men want to bring children into the world under conditions that respect the dignity of each child and the whole family. This bill respects these human goals by providing increased funding and eligibility for family planning services for low income women and families and providing increased support to women and couples who choose to continue a pregnancy.

“Earlier this year one of the sponsors, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) released a statement of 55 Catholic Democrats who hold differing views on many subjects, including abortion. The statement affirmed “respect for life and the dignity of every human being” as well as expressing a common commitment of “reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies and creating an environment with policies that encourage pregnancies to be carried to term.” Chief among the 55 signatories was Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH). This bill is a first step in achieving those goals.

“We should not shy away from the fact that overcoming the problems associated with preventing unplanned pregnancies and supporting the choices women make will require a significant financial investment from the federal government.  This is a responsible first step. Much more needs to be done if we are to ensure that women’s and men’s reproductive choices are truly free.  CFFC joins with Congresswoman DeLauro and Congressman Ryan in making choice a reality.”