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New Vatican Document on Gays in Priesthood Another Sad Moment for Church, Human Rights

November 22, 2005

Statement of Frances Kissling, president, Catholics for a Free Choice

WASHINGTON, DC—“The informal release today of a long-anticipated document on homosexuality and the priesthood marks a sad moment as church leaders once again contribute to the stigmatization of gay men, misinterpret scientific information regarding homosexuality and act to exclude faithful and good men who are called to the priesthood. Most disturbingly, the instruction that those active in promoting equal rights for gays would be excluded from the priesthood is a fundamental violation of the human rights of members of the church. Church teachings have changed over time—from the approval of slavery to the sun being at the center of the universe—good and faithful Catholics have always been willing to re-examine positions based on science and compassion. No Vatican document will stop this vital human and intellectual drive for integrity. This document will only further contribute to the already tragic isolation of church leaders from the people of God.”