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PODCAST: Five Catholic Justices—See How They Rule

January 20, 2006

An original podcast produced by Catholics for a Free Choice, featuring president Frances Kissling

WASHINGTON, DC—“Is there anything left unsaid about Roe v. Wade, that landmark Supreme Court decision?” asks Frances Kissling at the beginning of her new—and first—podcast for the anniversary of the Supreme Court case that legalized abortion in the United States.

Always provocative and insightful, Kissling introduces the idea that the soon to be five Catholic justices on the nation’s highest court will shortly have to reconcile “the will of God” with “the will of the people.”  She coolly and rationally summarizes the issues we now face as Roe turns 33, and she readily dismisses what she calls the “‘hands off religion’ rule in judging fitness for public office” as she lays out its clear implications for women and the well being of society.

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