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40 Days of Accompaniment: Week 7

March 27, 2024

Last Sunday, with the crowds shouting “hosanna,” we officially entered Holy Week. Our 40 Days of Accompaniment Lent series is coming to an end.

This is good news though, for we know after Holy Week comes the awaited Resurrection!

But not yet. We should not celebrate too soon — we still have Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday before arriving at Easter Sunday.In this sacred “in between,” I invite you to think about how you will integrate the lessons learned from these 40 Days of Accompaniment into the future.

As we prepare for the good news of the Easter Sunday, please consider joining us this evening, March 27, for our final action: Pro-Choice Catholicism 101 with CFC President Jamie L. Manson, M.Div.  

This training with Jamie will help answer your theological questions about being a pro-choice Catholic.

Additionally, to thank you for taking part in our Lenten series, we would like to send you free prayer cards! Please fill out this form with your address and the actions you completed with Catholics for Choice over Lent and we will mail you your cards.  

It has been wonderful to be in community with so many of you over the past seven weeks. Thank you again for your work to support abortion providers, patients, and advocates.