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You can make an impact in the fight for reproductive freedom.
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40 Days of Accompaniment: Week 6

March 19, 2024

As we begin to wind down this series, we invite you to reflect on the previous five weeks of action.

Every year, the so-called “40 Days for Life” organization misuses Lent to advance their anti-abortion agenda by lining up outside abortion clinics across the country to shout at, shame, and harass the people who go inside seeking care. We started this series  to call attention to the ways this group and other anti-abortion protesters’ harassment at clinics causes profound physical, spiritual, and psychological harm to abortion seekers and the people who love them.

From writing thank you notes for abortion providers to ordering pledge cards to distribute in your communities, hundreds of pro-choice Catholics and allies took part in our Lent activities. Together, we’ve worked toward a future where abortion seekers’ decisions are honored.

Now, it’s time to share what we’ve learned about ourselves, our values, and the injustices towards abortion patients and providers that we’ve witnessed.

Please share this link with the pro-choice people of faith in your life who may not know the truth about the harassment anti-abortion extremists carry out in our names:

All our previous Lenten reflections and their respective actions can be accessed here.
We know that pro-choice Catholics are the majority, but people who misuse our faith have intimidated us into silence. The truth is that we are just as faithful as they are.

By choosing to share your support of Catholics for Choice and our 40 Days of Accompaniment series, you’re not only taking a huge step forward in reducing the stigma around being a pro-choice Catholic but also reminding those around you that we are not alone in our beliefs.