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You can make an impact in the fight for reproductive freedom.
Conscience Magazine

Courage and Community Evident in Prochoice Essays

February 19, 2014

Reading through the many powerful and varied perspectives on reproductive choice in this latest issue of Conscience reminded me of how intensely personal this issue is for those of us who dedicate so much of our lives to the movement for reproductive rights and justice. I was moved by the deep impact that choosing to be a part of this movement has had on so many of us from different generations and cultures.

Every day I see the oppressive effects of policies that take a one-sided political, social or religious stance. The medical students I work with routinely face negative consequences for their abortion activism. Witnessing their acts of courage is inspiring, and hearing the many different ways that others have bravely pursued their own paths has renewed my spirit for the work ahead.

Having chosen to dedicate my career to the pursuit of reproductive health equity, I, like many of the essayists, have felt isolated at times. Thank you for reminding all of us that we are a strong community, held together by persistence and daily acts of valor. The change that this reproductive rights community has nurtured already has had a substantial positive impact on millions worldwide. It means a lot to know how many wonderful people are working to make our dream of universal reproductive choice a reality.

Executive Director, Medical Students for Choice
Philadelphia, Penn.