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Crisis of Faith: Crisis Pregnancy Centers Are Deceiving and Manipulating Women

August 14, 2017

As an abortion-care provider in the United States, I read Clare Murphy’s article “Miss-Information” and felt a sense of validation and grati­tude that the truth about the deception and shaming women face inside—and outside—of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) is being brought to people’s attention.

I respect the right to free speech and do not take issue with peaceful protesting. For the past 19 years, I have dealt with antichoice extremists harassing and shaming patients as they enter Hartford Gynecolog­ical Center. This year, a CPC strategically purchased office space in our building—just a few feet from the entrance to the clinic—with the intention of diverting abortion-minded women into the office. CPC staff put up signage using a name almost identical to ours with the purpose of confusing our scheduled patients, a practice to which they freely admit.

CPCs intentionally use misinformation to shock and frighten the most vulnerable populations—younger women, people of color, the poor and the less-educated. Their sole purpose is to convince these women to give birth, and they will stop at nothing to interfere with a woman’s family planning decisions. Listening to my patients, it’s clear that the CPC next door has a long history of promising finan­cial support, baby clothing and furniture—but this support never materializes. The CPCs’ connection with their clients seems to dissi­pate once individuals reach the point in their pregnan­cies where abortion is no longer an option.

Deceit in the name of Christianity invalidates the argument that CPCs are coming from a place of morality. One cannot condemn another person while at the same time inten­tionally judging, bearing false witness and making empty promises to people who most need care and compassion.

Administrator, Hartford Gynecological Center
Hartford, CT