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Every Big Tent Needs Supporting Polls

By Conscience January 11, 2018

Kate Stewart’s “The Truth Behind the Numbers” is a brave and honest look into the false narrative currently manipulating the Democratic Party—from inside and out—on the issue of women’s rights.  Her article, as well as this past issue, serves as a grim reminder that the “Road Ahead” which Conscience identified in April 2017 is to be littered with obstacles and a dangerous path for many, especially women. This move towards a “big tent” covering every issue aside from abortion underscores both the timidity of the Democratic Party on this issue as well as their willingness to shift blame in order to explain away repeated losses at the polls. As Ms. Stewart so expertly lets us know, supporting a woman’s right to choose should not be a radical position for nearly any politician in this country, let alone for one who runs as a Democrat. That young people, people of color, white people and even—no surprise if you’ve been a reader of Conscience—Catholics are majority supporters of abortion access shows decisively that supporting women’s ability to make conscience-based decisions about their healthcare does not cost politicians elections. In fact, as perhaps suggested by Timothy Byrne’s piece, the polling suggests that continuing down this road might only weaken the Democratic Party’s results across the country. I agree with Kate that the media has only contributed to an inaccurately polarized view of abortion rights, but ultimately the startling lack of moral leadership exhibited by the party is nobody’s fault but its own.


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