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Conscience Magazine

Letters: Faith In Iowa

September 17, 2020

I was moved by the testimonials of the faithful abortion providers. It is obvious that each of these individuals has done much soul searching. Abortion is not an easy decision. Every woman must decide what she is able to do in good conscience. This is indeed one of the most important decisions she will ever make.

I was therefore pleased to read the two pieces on “Why Faith Matters” in the last issue of Conscience. According to my Catholic faith, we must always obey the certain judgment of our own conscience. In fact, Pope Francis stated that even in cases of conflict with the moral teachings of the church, Catholics not only may, but must follow the dictates of conscience rather than the teachings of the church.

It is unconscionable that the legislature of the state of Iowa feels that it is better equipped to make moral and ethical decisions for women. It is unacceptable that they succeeded in amending the state constitution of Iowa to weaken or lessen the rights of women. They are telling us that they do not believe women can make sound ethical and moral decisions.

Constitutional amend- ments are written to limit governmental power, not to extend it. Please contact your state representatives, sena- tors and the governor to remind them, we the people are the final decision makers. Please get active. Please vote.

Van Horne, IA