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Letters: Living Our Faith

September 17, 2020

I was moved by the testimonials of the faithful abortion providers. It is obvious that each of these individuals has done much soul searching. Abortion is not an easy decision. Every woman must decide what she is able to do in good conscience. This is indeed one of the most important decisions she will ever make.

We must always realize that social justice as taught by the Catholic church encompasses all. I myself have seen the results of abortion when it was not legal. I have also seen the results of abortion when it was done in a safe environment by trained, caring individuals.

Dr. Thomas spoke of a woman in Ghana who had self aborted and what the consequences were. Having lived in the developing world, l have sympathy and deep love for these women. Most of us will never have to make the decisions they are forced to make.

For example, as a former Catholic lay missioner, l can attest to the extreme poverty and oppression that exists in Latin America. I can also attest to their deep faith, which is rooted in social justice.

I was moved when Dr. Thomas stated that as a Catholic doctor he would share his background and minister to his patients but not force his faith on them. I thank God for doctors like him. He is truly living his Catholic faith.

I am an older Catholic woman who has always been prochoice, but I have been silent on this issue, but not on other issues of social justice. With the assault on Roe v. Wade, I must raise my voice as a Catholic on this issue. Too many of us are afraid to do so. Catholic women do use birth control and have abortions. We follow our faith and conscience.

To believe in God is to believe in justice. This includes a woman’s right to determine her reproductive health.

I love my church and am thankful that Dr. Thomas can come forward as a faithful Catholic and an abortion provider.

Never again should women have to seek unsafe abortions or be denied access to birth control.

We must stop poverty and oppression. Let’s take care physically and spiritually of those who live in institutionalized poverty in the US and poverty and terror throughout the world.

Overland Park, KS