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Conscience Magazine

Time for Change

September 17, 2020

James Carroll makes a valid point in championing the imminent collapse of the male supremacist clerical establishment of the Catholic church and its replacement with a more inclusive and democratic model.

Such a change would be a boon for Catholic Africa, a region where patriarchy and subordination of women constitute the pillars of established religions. Like the church in Europe, the church in Africa suffers similar moral failures and betrayals. Although seldom highlighted, the clerical power structure has been characterized by scandals and abuses. Embedded inequities and misogynistic tendencies have made it difficult for the Catholic establishment in Africa to become a force for social conscience, change and progress, especially in furthering reproductive health, gender equity and justice. Unfortunately, much-needed changes in the African church, as an appendage of Catholic Europe, will have to wait on much-needed changes in Rome.

Board of Trustees Chair, Humanist Association of Nigeria