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You can make an impact in the fight for reproductive freedom.

Beyond the Divide: Clarifying Our Values About Abortion


Beyond the Divide: Clarifying Our Values About Abortion is a full-day, retreat-like, interactive experience that provides a safe, facilitated environment to reflect with colleagues on complex questions around abortion and reproductive rights. Our series of activities includes exploration of personal values, a survey of values-based questions on abortion, discussion of real-life scenarios, and discernment about what laws would look like in a just society. While we don’t aim to tell participants what to think about abortion, 100% of our participants say that they strengthened their skills to address reproductive rights as the result of a Catholics for Choice workshop.

This workshop equips participants to:

—Better explore how ethics, values, and morality serve as a foundation for support of reproductive rights.

—Gain information and tools to clearly articulate how these values relate to their work.

—Increase empathy and grapple honestly with ethical, moral, and social tensions that might hinder effective collaboration within and between organizations.

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