Action Center - Catholics for Choice

Action Center

The voice of prochoice Catholics needs to be heard loud and strong – in the media, in Congress and in state legislatures.  Get involved today!

Speak Out!

It is crucial to the future of reproductive rights that prochoice Catholics make their voices heard within their communities and within the public policy arena.

Click here to read more from activists on the ground about why you should make your voice heard today.

What You Can Do

Catholics for Choice has many opportunities and ways for you to get involved in this important work. As an e-activist for CFC, you will be kept informed of events happening in the Catholic community on issues relating to reproductive health and rights. Get involved today! Learn more.

How to Write a Letter to the Editor

Send letters to editors of your local and national newspapers and make sure they understand that Catholics are prochoice. Here are some tips for writing a good letter.

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