Contraceptive security in challenging contexts: Opposition from the Catholic hierarchy

2011, 4 pp.
This briefing paper, written by Catholics for Choice as one in a series of seven produced by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, reflects on the pressure that the Catholic hierarchy brings to bear on policymakers around the world and how policymakers should respond to the hierarchy’s lobbying on reproductive health issues.

Anticoncepción de Emergencia: católicas y católicos a favor, obispos en contra

2011, 8 páginas
Catholics for Choice y el Consorcio Internacional sobre la Anticoncepción de Emergencia anuncian el lanzamiento de la versión en español de su publicación, <<Anticoncepción de Emergencia: católicas y católicos a favor, obispos en contra>>. En este artículo, estas organizaciones expertas exponen en detalle las formas en que, las actitudes de la mayoría del pueblo católico a favor de la anticoncepción de emergencia no obstante, los obispos Católicos siguen oponiendo y dificultando el acceso a este método anticonceptivo. El artículo también informa sobre las múltiples formas en que activistas, autoridades públicas y proveedores de salud en varios países del mundo están luchando por el libre acceso a la anticoncepción de emergencia.

In Good Conscience: Respecting the Beliefs of Healthcare Providers and the Needs of Patients

2010, 16 pp. 
This pamphlet has been written to give a brief overview of some of the key themes in the debate on refusal/conscience clauses: how conscience clauses evolved; Catholic teachings on conscience; and how the concept of conscience has been manipulated, especially within the context of reproductive health and rights. We hope that it will be useful for those who have an interest in healthcare ethics, those who may be negotiating conscience clauses in their own institutions and states as well as for those who may be considering their own positions on conscience clauses.

Emergency Contraception: Catholics in Favor, Bishops Opposed

2010, 8 pp.
Catholics for Choice and the International Consortium for Emergency Contraception have jointly released a new briefing paper, “Emergency Contraception: Catholics in Favor, Bishops Opposed.” It details how Catholic bishops continue to oppose access to emergency contraception, going against the beliefs of the majority of their constituents, and how advocates, policymakers, and healthcare professionals are fighting back.

De Buena Fe

2010, 24 pp.
En este folleto, Catholics for Choice ofrece una breve reseña de algunos de los temas principales del debate actual en América Latina, incluso la manera en que se ha manipulado el concepto de la conciencia en el contexto de la salud reproductiva y los derechos reproductivos.

Truth & Consequence – A Look behind the Vatican’s Ban on Contraception

2008, 28 pp. 
On the eve of the pope’s visit, Catholics for Choice released a publication examining the impact of 40 years ofHumanae Vitae, the Vatican document that cemented the ban on contraception. Widely acknowledged as a defining moment in modern church history, Humanae Vitae became a source of great conflict and division in the church.

A World View: Catholic Attitudes on Sexual Behavior and Reproductive Health

2004, 28 pp. 

An indispensable report that provides opinion data, demographic information and behaviors of Catholics from dozens of countries around the world. While the institutional Roman Catholic church – at the global, national and local levels – exerts substantial influence on public policy and even medical practices in reproductive health, the data reveal that the policies advocated by the pope and bishops do not reflect the diversity of attitudes and practices among Catholic people themselves. On contraception, abortion, condoms for HIV-prevention and other matters of family life, Catholic attitudes and behavior often clash with church teaching.

Second Chance Denied: Emergency Contraception in Catholic Hospital Emergency Rooms

2002, 24 pp.
An examination of the impact of the Religious and Ethical Directives, the bishops’ guidelines for Catholic healthcare providers, on the availability of emergency contraception in Catholic hospitals. Conducted by Ibis Reproductive Health, this survey assessed whether Catholic emergency rooms provided EC at all, under what circumstances it was provided and if non-providing ERs would refer women to other providers who could deliver EC within the 72-hour period in which it is most likely to be effective.

Catholics for Choice