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You can make an impact in the fight for reproductive freedom.

Catholics for Choice and the Practice of Synodality in our Catholic church

May 23, 2024

Catholics for Choice submitted our report to the Synodal Process, ensuring that your voices are heard at this pivotal moment for our church. We are excited to share that the Communication Manager of the Synod for the Bishops confirmed receipt of our report!

Our submission to the Synod highlights the importance of deep listening and embracing change, echoing Pope Francis’ vision for a compassionate and inclusive church. This community’s feedback underscores a strong desire for the church to honor the lived experiences and consciences of its members, especially those who have been marginalized or silenced.

Your reflections revealed a deep sense of being unheard and excluded within local parishes. Many of you expressed concerns about misinformation and a lack of engagement with the Synodal Process. We conveyed these sentiments, emphasizing the need for the church to genuinely listen and include all voices, particularly those advocating for reproductive rights.