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Judge Ye Not

By Conscience August 31, 2018

Thank you for your publication. I went through an abortion at 21 weeks in October after a devastating ultrasound that confirmed fetal anomaly. My husband and I were thrilled to fall pregnant and already had named our baby girl Ellie. I was not prepared for the bad news or to make the decision to terminate.

I was raised very Catholic and attended Catholic school from kindergarten until senior year of high school. I truly lost my faith and felt abandoned by the church—I winced as I walked through the doors of the church on Christmas Eve. It was so hard to feel so misunderstood and judged by the church when I loved my daughter with my whole heart and made a decision purely out of concern and love.

Anyway, I went searching today for a different Catholic perspective, and your site really gave me a lot of peace. Just to know that not all Catholics would think I should be excommunicated or shunned is a comfort. My grandparents and parents supported our choice and their hearts broke for us, but I haven’t been open with many other people in our Catholic community. I don’t think I will ever be due to fear of rejection, but knowing there are Catholics out there who might understand is a gift. Thank you again.



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